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ZTE BlaDE. Review, Camera and Video Test. ZTE Blaze Review.

New ZTE Blade review & camera test with images. This is the ZTE Blade Spark AT&T prepaid flavor of this ZTE Blade model. It’s one of the new AT&T prepaid phones released recently. It’s also called ZTE blaze, ZTE Zmax Pro and ZTE Blade ZMAX Metro PCS too. I think this is one of the best smartphones around for the money. Nice crisp 5.5″ display with bright true colors, 16mp camera rear, 5mp camera front, fingerprint sensor and a 3140mAh battery that will last all day long on a single charge. The ZTE Blade, ZTE Blade Spark and ZTE Blaze is an outstanding value for a smartphone from my perspective from using it for a few weeks. $69.95 presently at BestBuy and Walmart. I have to say that I really like it and I don’t say that too often about a smartphone. So is it worth it? Yes. And BTW, I’m not being paid to say this either.

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