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Verizon Phone Charging Station Grace Hopper Celebration

Verizon providing free secure charging at the Grace Hopper Celebration with Brightbox. Brightbox is an American B2B kiosk technology company and a world leader in the development, operation and sale of kiosks and a platform for securely recharging smartphones and mobile devices, delivering content and collecting data. Our mission is two-fold: to deliver convenient, highly secure mobile power to the public, and to deliver brand enhancement to organizations. We now have 1000 kiosks deployed in 10 countries. We sell and lease the most sophisticated and secure interactive recharging kiosk to experiential agencies and brands. Features include Camera Audience Measurement, Polling, SMS relay, Coupons, and the ability to amplify a social media campaign via our prized charging amenity. We offer many secure locker key options, including brandable Mag Swipe cards, Secure Pin Code, or RFID readers compatible with the leading badge and ticket registration companies in the industry. WHO WE SERVE BUSINESSES Improve customer service Drive foot traffic Eliminate hassle for your staff Increase dwell time & spending Capture valuable customer data Revenue driving service with measurable results BRANDS Increase brand awareness Get credit for solving a huge need Engage customers with interactive messaging, surveys, phone & email acquisition Fully customize the look & feel Capture valuable client leads OPERATORS Deliver new revenue opportunities Responsible technical support & training All-in-one portals for independant operation True self-service performance Real-time fleet admin control Localization services for your market For more information on becoming a Brightbox partner, buying or leasing a Brightbox, advertising on our digital signage, or event rentals, please visit us at: http://www.Brightboxcharge.com Edited / Produced by Joel Martin

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