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Verizon Hikes Protection Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles

Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles. Verizon customers who subscrib to the carrier’s Total Mobile Protection plan will see a bit of a price hike beginning in the spring. The company has announced it will raise monthly premiums for the service from $11 to $13. However, that increase does come with cheaper deductibles across the board. Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images Those who do need to file a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged phone will save some cash. Previously, deductibles were priced at $199, $149 and $99, depending on the device. Handsets such as the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8, for example, fell into the most expensive tier, while the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 came in at $149. Under the new structure, the $199 and $149 deductibles have been slashed by $50 and $60, to $149 and $89, respectively, while the formerly $99 deductible for low-end phones has also been reduced to $89. Verizon,Hikes,Protection-Plan,Premiums,,Cuts,Deductibles,Verizon Hikes Protection-Plan Premiums, Cuts Deductibles

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