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One Plus 5 – Unboxing And Overview – Verizon Tested

Alright guys I managed to grab one of those new 1+5 phones on the release date, at the end of June, and here is what my initial impression of the device is: So the first thing I wanted to test was the coverage and availability with Verizon, One Plus made a big deal during their presentation, the fact that they included a lot more LTE bands this time around and the phone will have only one version globally, so no matter where you are going to buy it from, you will be able to use it all over the world. At the same time, they didn’t say anything about the potential coverage with Verizon and Sprint in the USA, two of the biggest cell phone providers in the country that a lot of people in the Mid West and the West are still relying on almost a 100%. Quick look at the specs and the listed 34 network bands, showed that is missing LTE band 13, which is needed if you live in a bigger city and you want a better building penetration, the other two, band 2 and band 4 were present. So in theory, the phone should work with an active Verizon sim, but in reality and as you will see in the video, the major issue is the lack of VoLTE with VZN, you get LTE data and you get voice and text, but not both at the same time. Based on this, I cant rally declare the One Plus 5 a completely useful device if you are on Verizon. If you are using any of the GSM providers in the US, you will not going to have any issues. Stay tuned for the full review soon.

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