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Audiovox Ppc 6700 Ppc6700 Pda Cell Phone For Sprint

Get a great deal on eBay: http://mlun.us/r/B001GXPGAY The sliding Qwerty keyboard of the Pocket Pc 6700 slides from the side rather than bottom of the device, providing the user with a roomy horizontally oriented keyboard. The Pc features a brilliant touch screen that displays 64,000 hues with a sharp 320×240-pixel resolution, making colors pop out and producing crisp text and images. The provides both portrait and landscape views, switching automatically when the is opened or closed.the interface also includes a centrally located navigation pad and quick access keys that allow you to easily navigate with one hand. The Pc supports Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and Mini-usb, and an expansion slot compatible with Sd, Sdio, and Multimedia memory cards.ev-do Broadband Accessthe Pc uses Sprint’s network. The is the clear leader among 3g high-speed wireless options, users with lightning fast Internet access. Already available in 32 U.s. metro areas, delivers faster speeds any other data network, offering average of 300-500kbps, with peaking at 2.4mbps. Phone Featuresthe Pc rich, crystal sound quality and a built-in speakerphone. gives the to this with headsets.in addition to the keyboard, the Pc has a large on-screen dialer. The Pc Voice Signal dialing software, which allows to select of your contacts by name and the number by speaking the digits. can make a directly as well as applications, and take notes while on a using the shortcut in the screen. of the Pc dialing, history, and muting.wi-fi The Pc gain to the at over 4,500 Hot Spot locations nationwide

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