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Quick Late Night Q&A Prepaid Phones & Plans

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Essential phone, Moto Z2, LG G6 & LG V20 US Only Giveaway from Android Central & Sprint (8 winners)

This giveaway is conducted by Android Central Click here to participate https://goo.gl/tQQBZW There will be 2 Essential phones, 2 LG G6, 2 LG V20 and 2 Moto Z2 for 8 winners I share giveaways conducted by other companies on my channel. There are around 30 active giveaways you'll find in my chan... Read More

Connie Hall talks about GRN’s cellphone outreach program

Tune in to NBRN.FM every Sunday morning at 8:00 AM Central to listen to Connie Hall's Radio program. Connie is a singer and prolific song writer as well as the host of this program on NBRN FM out of Nashville. I am so honored to call her my very dear friend. Link to Jon's websites: www.JonAdams... Read More

The Cellphone (SKIT)

Can The Police Take Your Cell Phone As Evidence?

But if a person refuses to give up his phone and police believe it contains evidence of a crime, then officers can seize it. Grubbs said a search warrant isnt needed at the time officers seize the phone, but one is in order to download information from the device. The court limited the scope of... Read More

iPhone X | Test de velocidad y multitareas

Essential Phone gets certified, will now work on Verizon’s network

Essential Phone gets certified, will now work on Verizon's network While the only U.S. carrier selling (and leasing) the Essential Phone is Sprint, the carrier branded model and the unlocked version available from Essential, Amazon or Best Buy are now both certified for use with Verizon's netwo... Read More

Verizon phone convo

When Did The First Cell Phones Come Out?

History of cell phones timeline the history and evolution. The first phone to present timewhat was the mobile phone? The call made 40 years ago todaythe placed today cellphone went on sale 30 for mashable. Evolution of mobile phones 1995 2012 hongkiat. Fionoble new delhi on this day, exactly 20... Read More